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Dr Michael Mesham

Peninsula Eye Clinic

Dr Michael Mesham, Eye Laser Surgeon

Dr Michael Mesham is based in Cape Town and specializes in laser eye surgery.

This website is designed to introduce you to the lasik procedure and our professional team.

The lasik procedure has been one of the greatest medical advances of our time and has revolutionized the correction of shortsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. The past two decades have seen lasik evolve into a highly refined procedure and South African ophthalmic surgeons have been at the forefront of this progress. More and more people are now discarding their glasses and contact lenses and opting for laser eye surgery.

Dr Mesham and his team have been performing lasik since 1995. With our experience in this surgery we have been able to refine the technique and optimize the results for each individual patient. We are proud to offer the latest technology with our recently acquired Wavelight EX-500 laser.

We invite you to contact us through this website or to come to our consulting rooms for a free assessment of your suitability for the lasik procedure.