A Personal Experience

What made you decide to have Lasik surgery?

My contact lenses were always a nuisance. I had been thinking of having laser for years but was nervous about having surgery on my eyes. Then a friend of mine had lasik done by Dr Mesham and was thrilled with the result. He convinced me to have an assessment to find out if I was suitable – after that the decision was easy.

What happened at the consultations?

At the first consultation Dr Mesham did a series of eye measurements and explained the procedure to me. He gave me a frank run-down of the pros and cons of surgery. After having my contacts out for 3 days I then went to the laser clinic to have scans done of my corneas.

At the second consultation Dr Mesham re-checked my eye measurements. I was given instructions and prepared for the procedure.

How was the laser procedure?

I felt quite nervous when I arrived at the clinic but the staff were very efficient and put me at ease. They put drops in my eyes to make them go numb and then took me through to the treatment room. While I was lying under the laser Dr Mesham put a clamp in my eye to stop me blinking, there was then some pressure on the eye while the flap was cut. This was a little uncomfortable but not painful. 

Dr Mesham then asked me to look up at a green flashing light as the laser was lined up. When the laser started there was a loud buzzing noise. I couldn’t feel anything but there was a faint smell like burnt hair. They put some drops in my eyes and it was all finished.

Throughout the procedure Dr Mesham explained the steps to me and a nurse held my hand, which was very reassuring. By the time I got home my eyes were a little scratchy, I had a short sleep and when I woke up the scratchiness had gone. I looked out the window to test my eyes – I could see the leaves on the trees!

What has been the best thing since the surgery?

Being able to open my eyes every morning and see is like a miracle.

Do you have any regrets?

Yes, I wish I’d had it done 10 years ago.

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