The LASIK Procedure

Laser corrects vision by removing an extremely thin layer from the front of the eye to correct the shape of the cornea.

Prior to laser surgery a detailed examination is performed to determine your spectacle measurements and check the health of your eyes. A corneal scan is done which analyses the shape and thickness of the cornea.

On the surgery day the laser is pre-programmed with the data from your eye measurements and the corneal scan. The eye is anaesthetized with drops and an extremely thin flap is lifted from the surface of the cornea to expose the area to be treated.

The laser then corrects the corneal shape by vaporising microscopic layers of corneal tissue. The laser rapidly scans the surface of the cornea removing a precise amount of tissue with each pulse until the correct corneal shape has been achieved. The scanning process is painless and takes as little as 10 seconds.

The flap is then repositioned to restore the normal corneal surface. Protective shields are worn for the rest of the day and antibiotic drops are used.

A check-up is done the next day and one can be back at work the following day.

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